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Cedar Ridge Apple Ranch, Sonora, Ca

Cedar Ridge Aple Ranch, Sonora, California




This portion of the project is to prepare a final site plan, geo-referencing the trails, roads, bridges, benches, meditation areas, signs and picnic tables locations within the Cedar Ridge Apple Farm. Effort will be made to create interconnecting loop trails to maximize user experience. Where trails are single track and/or "accessible" the feeling of solitude will be a major factor in the alignment process.  Many trails in the property are existing roads which will be used in common with agricultural equipment and will not need work, however, will be referenced on the site plan. A primary flag line will be placed at intervals along the trails needing construction for client review and acceptance. If  possible, raw data will exported to any format the property owner and survey company want. Where possible trail grades will be a maximum of 5% or less and width will be 48" for compliance with "Accessibility" standards.