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Additional Skills

Stone Work

Donald Hays Trail Contractor, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in backcountry stonework.  Switchbacks built on steep side slopes typically need rock retaining walls to carry the trail bed.  Trails built on cliffs also need a substantial wall to hold the trail. We use local material so the wall blends with the surroundings. We have built many different styles and types of retaining walls.

Retaining walls are built in known failures zones.  The surrounding area dictates the type of retaining wall to be used.  In some cases, these walls can be hidden from view by allowing vegetation to reclaim the retaining wall exterior.  In this case root systems are an additional anchoring system, and assist in protecting the failure zone from additional degradation.

Retaining walls can be:

  • Dry laid rock retaining walls
  • Engineered concrete retaining walls
  • Gabion basket retaining walls
  • Cellular confinement system retaining walls
  • Wooden crib walls

Whether it is a small retaining wall or a huge engineered structure we can do it.


Stabilized Surfaces

Our mission on this topic is to build a durable, environmentally safe and non-intrusive trail surfaces that requires little if no short-term maintenance.

Donald Hays Trail Contractor, Inc. has experience in the use of polymer resins, soilcrete and various other soil stabilization products.  We also have experience in subgrade trail bed retention systems such as cellular containment products. We use trail tread stabilizers such as cinder blocks and paver blocks on sensitive areas and on bicycle trails for banking turns, creek crossings and switchbacks.  Paver blocks are especially good for horse traffic in situations with expansive soils.  The use of cinder blocks on equestrian trails is not recommended.