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Wetland Trail Construction
Wetland Trail construction

 Wetlands Trails

Our objective on this topic is to preserve, and protect the area the trail has been designed to go through.  In some cases these areas are either unavoidable or a potential destination.  In either case these environmentally sensitive areas must be protected. 

  • We use the latest technologies at structure contact to ground level;
  • Helical screws
  • Specialized foundation blocks
  • Nontoxic preservative treated timbers

The walking surface is determined by the style of foundation. 

  • Puncheon bridge
  • Causeway
  • Turnpike, rock or log retainer

In all cases the work is confined to the immediate construction zone with little or no destruction to surrounding area.  All of our equipment is designed to work inside the trail corridor.

Low laying trail bridges in environmentally sensitive areas: Martis Camp Truckee

trail-bridge2 trail-bridge3
Notice no disturbance to surrounding area, no equipment ever touches the ground.